Welcome to Van2Campervan  - self-build/DIY campervan site.

Our mission.

At Van2CamperVan our aim is to provide products and information with the aim of helping those embarking on a self-build/DIY camper van or motor home project.

Ok, so what’s Van 2 Campervan all about?

Well, having owned many campers and motor homes over the years the whole thing has become a kind of addiction... Or, a camper van bug if you like.

However, ready built campers and motor homes don’t come cheap and, having spent many lovely holidays and weekends away in our last ready built ‘van, there came a time when the kids outgrew it, became stroppy teenagers and decided that camping wasn’t "Cool". So, I decided to sell it, told myself that my camper van days were over because I couldn’t justify the cost of it any longer and said farewell to my beloved camper van. But, I was just kidding myself see our about page to find out more...

The layout and having a plan.

This is probably the most important bit of any self-build DIY campervan or motorhome conversion. Decide on the layout of the interior (make drawings and measurements etc.) and on what facilities you need. The most obvious one is a bed. You could buy a bed specially made for a camper such the "Rock ‘n’ Roll" types, you could build your own on top of some storage space, use a sofa bed that no longer used, or you could simply sling a mattress in the back of the ‘van - the choice is yours. Van2CamperVan is not about building a "State-of-the-art" motor home (how far you go with your conversion is up to you) it’s about building something functional that will give you some happy holidays, weekends away, fishing trips, surfing adventures etc.. Alternatively, you can use your ‘van simply as a day van or mobile office.

What's the big idea?

The idea of this Web site is to help those who are either starting a self-build camper van or motor home project, renovating a camper van or motor caravan or simply making repairs to their 'vans. To save confusion we have tried to keep our product range concise so as not to overwhelm anybody with heaps of products that basically do the same things. We've tried to make this site as informative and simple to use as possible and hope you find it useful.